Oct 10
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Margot's mind takes a hike

It was October, but Margot was still wearing short summer skirts. And humming Christmas carols. She really couldn't decide on a season. She loved summer, when she could swim in the river, and there was no school. But she also loved winter when she could ski, and ice skate, and there  was Christmas, her favorite holiday. Unlike most people, Christmas wasn't her favorite holiday because of the presents, but because the whole Christmas season just felt so cozy, like one of those electric blankets that she always unconsciously unplugged with her toes. 

There was another reason that she was wearing short skirts and humming Christmas carols in October. That reason was that, in Margot's mind, October, short skirts, and Christmas carols were the perfect combination for skipping. The short summer skirts swished pleasingly around her knees when she skipped, and the October leaves crunchd nicely under her feet. And the song that she was humming was Noel. That was a song that went "Noel noel noel noel noel and noel noel." It was not very imaginative on the lyrics front, but the rythmn was perfect for skipping.
Crow cawing shatterd Margot out of her thoughts. She looked around her and realised that all the other kids that had been waiting at the bus stop weren't there any more. And she saw the tail end of the bus zooming around a curve in the dirt road. Margot put two and two together and realized that she had missed the bus. Again. Beacaus she had been lost in her own thoughts. Again.
"Wait, Bus!" she yelled running after it and waving her arms over her head like some weird dance move. "Noel!" she added for good measure.

"Noel?" asked a British accent behind her.

She turned around shocked for a second at the strange person behind her. Than she realized that it was just her friend Jakob in a trench coat and fake mustache.

"Missed the bus again?" he asked grinning the sort of sideways grin that he always grinned.

"Yha" replied Margot "The real question is, why are you wearing a trench coat and a fake mustache?"

"Detective club," he replied. "I'll tell you about it on the way".

"The way to where?" asked Margot

"School," replied Jakob, making a duh jesture by touching his fingers to the side of his head and sort of flicking them sideways.

"Oh, right, that," said Margot. "How are we going to get there?" 

"My electric scooter," clarifed Jakob.

"Will we both fit?" questioned Margot, a bit suspicious of this idea.

"Of course!" said Jakob, sounding a bit offended. "Or at least I think we will," he added, cocking his head sideways like a confused puppy.

"In that case," said Margot grinning back at him, "Let's ride!"