Oct 12

How The World Ends

Breaking news just came in
The screen flashed red and white
The news anchor grimaced on the screen
It was going to be a short night

Their announcement started softly
Careful in breaking the news
That the world was ending
They were telling us what todo

While their voices were stable
Their hands were visibly shaking
They told us to,” call our family if we were able”
I made a mental list of all the calls i should be making

The sky lit up bright white
The TV’s screen turned to static
I went to my bed as the sky fades to night
This was probably the worst time to be an insomniac

The family in the room next to me screamed
Their dog was barking loudly
What did they think they could do?
Absolutely nothing

A loud boom resonated through my room
Then nothing, then pitch black
The earth broke into pieces, fractured by the moon
Tiny miniscule pieces that would never be put back