Oct 12
poem challenge: Objects
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Twin Magenta Flowers, With 15 Petals Each

The flowers in my hair
They remind me of my memories.
Places I’ve been,
People I’ve met.
Their magenta red purple pink white lavender is my favorite color.
They might not be natural flowers,
But they fit in well.
The ones I wear above my ear, on the left side.

Two twin magenta flowers, each with 15 petals.
The center branches out in purple plastic stems.
I remember wearing them on a ride at the fair
Where we spun so fast,
They threatened to fall out.
I caught them on their way off,
And handed them to a friend.

Two twin magenta flowers, each with 15 petals
Remind me of where I got them,
A long ride in someone else’s car
Listening to my favorite audiobook
About science, and space, and unity.

Two twin magenta flowers, each with 15 petals
Remind me of a time when they weren’t mine.
And they were handed through a window,
Just before I got home.

Two twin magenta flowers, each with 15 petals
Make me remember wearing them for two weeks straight,
Only taking them off to sleep.
It became my thing.
I became the one who wears flowers.

Twins with 15 petals are not my only flowers.
Around the same time, I acquired
A crown of wooden vines
With little pearly beads placed firmly within its flattened helix,
And countless purple petals, firmly attached to the branches.

The purple-flowered crown
Reminds me of the ren faire in Massachusetts.
I spent so much money that day,
And brought home many loose bits:
A mug with a crass statement on it,
A stopwatch, covered in decorative gears,
And the crown.

That faire was a good day
I suppose the flowers remind me of happiness.
Being in an over-stuffed car, going home at night-time,
Being in public with friends,
Cracking jokes,
Wasting money on overpriced trinkets.
I feel safe there,
In that place where Chaos is abundant
And Law knows not where we are.
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