Oct 12

The Last Two Puzzle Pieces

There are no words the describe us 
I've tried to find the perfect ones in 
Songs and books
But none of them fit
But that's the thing
What we are
We fit
Like the last two puzzle pieces 
We fit
But why can't we find the words 
To describe us?
Why can't we understand 
This thing we have?
Maybe because it's new and different 
But I understand how you make me feel
It's scary 
How much you matter to me
Can these puzzle pieces break?
Can we break?
You see maybe this is
Why there are no words for us
Maybe because 
What we have isn't words
It's thoughts 
And feelings
We get each other 
We fit 
Like the last two puzzle pieces
But can these pieces break?
And take my heart with them?
I hope I never have to find out