Oct 12
fiction challenge: Magnificent
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One Glorious Saturday Morning

One glorious Saturday morning, June got out of bed with a yawn and put on her fuzzy slippers. It was the first morning in her new house. She walked over to the window and opened the curtains. Light bursted into the dark room, waking her eyes up. She opened the window, letting the fresh, crispy air flow in and out of her nose. The air smelled like roses. She climbed out of her window and sat on the roof, feeling the breeze on her face. The trees were turning all sorts of beautiful colors. She could hear the chirping of birds flying through the forest. 

Suddenly, the crunch of leaves startled her. Something was in the forest, near June maybe. She tried to look for whatever had made the noise. And then she saw it. The leaves were blowing around in the air, almost magically. But they stayed in the air making a path into the woods, almost as if they were telling her to follow them. June is a very curious girl so she gingerly climbed back into her room, and slipped into her rubber boots. She walked down the wooden stairs and opened the front door. She walked over to the leaves and they guided her deep into the forest. It doesn't even make any sense. Flying leaves are not something you see everyday. She crunched on the leaves and smelled some pretty flowers, putting one in her hair. The deeper she got, the more nervous she got, and the further her home was. 

Something bright popped up on the horizon. It got closer and closer until she saw what the bright light was. It was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen.         

To be continued

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