Oct 12
fiction challenge: Taste
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Metcalf Pond

    When I went to Metcalf Pond (Camp Ginger) I would spontaneously take out my phone and take pictures of literally anything. One of my favorites was the pond that we were on. It looked more like a small lake than a pond. I loved taking pictures of it when there were no boats speeding on it anymore. Because it was all still and you could see the reflection of the trees and the cabin/houses. Like if it was asleep. As if the water had a nice heavy blanket on top of it making it sleep soundly. I loved taking pictures, especially when there was a sunset.
    If that was a food, I think the pond water would taste like a cool mint, because it was blue and the water was very cold. Most of the days were cold. And the crisp air was always there, blowing our hats off. I think the trees would taste like something sweet. And I feel like the houses or cabins would taste like chocolate because they were brown and stubby. Like chunks of chocolate. I think the sky would taste like something sour or fruity. Like the sun would be one big lemon and the orange, red and yellow sky would be other citrus fruits. The small bit of dark blue-ish purple sky would be like a hot tea drink, hot coffee or hot chocolate. And the pink ish clouds would be cotton candy. And the few loons would be something like gummies, because of gummy bears, but instead of bears they would be loons!

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