Oct 12
fiction challenge: Magnificent
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She had never seen anything so magnificent in her life. It had all started on a numbing winter morning, December 25, 2021, in Norway. The girl got out of bed, slipped on her pink bunny slippers, and looked over to her nightstand, and found an anonymous note left on it. 

It read, “Meet me at the place you love most,” the girl’s head quickly started racing with places she loved. Svalbard, Norway was calling her name. She quickly went to the bathroom and started getting ready to go out to drive for 1 hour on Christmas morning to meet up with someone she doesn’t even know!

    She made a superb hot chocolate, she pressed the mug against her hands and warmed them up from being as cold as Antarctica to as hot as Australia! She took a sip of the hot chocolate, and it tasted just like heaven. She knew she was ready for the long car ride ahead of her. 

    She went out the door and speed-walked to her car, she didn’t want to run because it was very icy out and she didn’t want to slip. She got in her car, played her favorite Christmas songs, and started heading to her favorite destination. 

    She had entered the mid-way stage to her destination. She was on the highway blasting her Christmas music and nothing mattered more to her, she sang along, stopped, sipped some hot chocolate, and then started singing again. She felt as if she were a little kid who was so carefree and jolly!        

    Finally, after an hour she made it to her destination, she quickly got out of the car and sprinted to her cozy spot that she made years ago and still uses when she needs to get her mind off things. After running, she was trying to get her breath back and look around at the same time. She walked to her cozy chair with her mountain of blankets and looked around in the chair. She closed her eyes hoping something would happen, and it did happen.

    After she opened her eyes she saw all her family and friends with huge presents, cakes, and Santa and his Elves!  She felt an icy tear shed out of her eyes, she hadn’t seen her family in years after she moved from the United States to Norway. She ran up and cuddled and hugged all of her loved ones and cried some more. 

She really had never seen anything so magnificent in her life.

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