Oct 12
fiction challenge: Taste
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When I think of something that I wish I could eat but can’t I think about a sunset. If you think about it, most food that looks really good tastes good. So I think that a sunset would taste great. How I imagine it to taste is. Starting off with the light bright sun with a little bit of orange taste but the texture of ice cream. It would slowly melt in your mouth making you want more. Then you would take a bite of the pink, blue and orange sky that would taste a bit like cotton candy with a hint of strawberry, maple and blueberry. That taste would just encompass your mouth making you take another bite. But now it was time for the mountains, you think that it couldn't get any better than what you have already had. But then you bite into it and you were wrong so so so so so wrong. It would be like biting into heaven. The chocolate is hard but soft enough that your teeth slide right through it. The milk chocolate was smooth then wait, there was more... Is that caramel filling, ya it was. By now you are freaking out thinking that this is so amazing and it was. So you finish your bite pulling away with caramel oozing out of your mouth as you pull away not caring that it got all over your shirt, just knowing that it was so good. But then you look up from your amazing desert and realize that you were supposed to share your food. But you didn't have a care in that world at that point you were just so happy that you gotta eat that. Happy to eat every little bit of that amazing sunset, unable to look at another sunset without thinking about what you just ate.
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