Oct 12
fiction challenge: Taste
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Taste a Rainbow

If I could eat anything inedible there would be so many things I would want to taste, to feel on my tongue, to chew. Some examples include my Nanna, bouncy balls, and friendships. But the first thing I would eat would be a rainbow. I would want to eat rainbows for so many different reasons. For example, rainbows would taste like anything and everything all rolled into one. They would also give you a feeling of nostalgia each time you ate it. Bringing you back to your childhood, when times were simpler, and you had very little responsibility. Rainbows would taste sweet yet a little sour of an aftertaste to represent rainbows fading away on a cool, fall day. They would taste cool yet refreshing, like lemonade on a hot summer day. I would pull out a piece of a rainbow like plucking cotton candy from the stick. I’d place it on my tongue, so gingerly, then let it sit and melt on my tongue for just a minute. And somehow, someway, the rainbow would almost electrify your body and your skin. It would make you feel happier, more joyful, and higher spirited than ever before. It would take me back to all my happiest memories of when I was younger, but still, reassure me that there were many more cheerful days to come. Maybe just maybe, if everyone in the world ate a tiny bit of a rainbow, we could end conflict, wars, and get rid of all the evil on Earth. It would be light and airy on your tongue, so light that you could barely feel it on your tongue. So colorful that each color would taste different. And such a memerable taste that you’d be able to taste a little bit of it for the rest of your life. 

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