Oct 14
fiction challenge: Skirts
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Margot Loves the Sun

It was October, but Margo was still wearing short summer skirts. She wasn’t ready to give up her dream of the forever lasting summer. 

The heat of the sun burned your skin with one single touch. The melting ice cream dripped down your hand creating a stick like Super Glue. Margo knew the moment she put away her short skirts that summer would be over, and the beauty of fall would soon come and go, and the sad cold blanket of winter would approach. Margo found beauty in the goosebumps scattered up and down her legs from the cold breeze hitting her delicate skin. 

When the days got colder and colder, windier and windier, Margo started to realize the harsh truth of her situation. Soon her short summer skirts were going to have to hibernate during the cold cold winter.
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