Oct 15

Chapter one of Perfect Assassins: Classic Oaks

I was still shaking when I got home. I parked the car in the garage. I walked in the house to my mom sitting in the living room. My Red Hair was all tangled up. My Gray eyes are wet with tears. I fell to the ground because my legs wouldn’t stand any more. My mom got off the chair and ran over to me. 

“ What Happened,” She asked curious and worried, “ Why do you have blood on you?” She started looking for a cut. I was happy that she was worried. 

“ I’m fine,” I said. I have calmed down a little bit now. I started to get up. When I got up I walked to the couch and started to tell my mom what happened. 

“ Crimson rose, you have to realize that you can have your fingerprint taken and what have I told you about that?” My mom asked. I could tell she was relieved that I was okay and not hurt. Physically at least. But she was kinda mad at me. The council will find out. And That is not good. The tension broke when my sister came in.

“ Violet, I can’t sleep,” Nola said. I could tell she heard everything Violet and I had said. Violet is my mom. We called to show respect as assassins. 

“ I will be up soon Nola,” Violet replied. My sister and I aren’t the only kids of Violet. I have 14 siblings in total. I live with 3 of them. Nola Ash, and Nuria.  My other siblings are off doing their own thing. My dad is not in the picture. He left when I was 6 and never came back. That was 10 years ago. I've moved on. I went to bed after Violet and I finished talking. My mind was racing. I kept replaying myself shooting Darcel. I had to smile. I killed someone like an assassin. I undressed and slipped into my PJs. I got under my warm covers. I feel his hands are still there but I know I have won.

In the morning Violet told us kids that we were moving. To a place called Classic Oaks. A quiet town. Known for the big oak tree in the center of town. It seems like a nice town. The people are nice. Just perfect. That's what is on the sign at least.  It seems like the perfect place to have a fresh start. Violet pulled me aside saying they found Darcel’s Body and the police will be here soon. I started to freak out. I really started to panic. Violet reassured me that I would be fine.  She went to work faking pictures and creating an abil that sounds believable. When the police came they suspected nothing. I start to think about the ritual.  The Ritual where I become a full assassin and is blessed with strength, wit, and stealth.

 All of the assassins gather around the newly turned sixteen-year-old and do the ritual. I can’t wait to have that happen. But I have to wait until the next full moon, which is next month. 

“ Violet, when can I get my first assignment,” I asked.

“ Not until the ritual, that is where you will receive your very first assignment,¨ She responded, “You almost ruined your chance, It took a lot to convince the council that it was worth you being an assassin,” There was an angry tone in her voice. But I tried to ignore it. 

“ Ok,” I replied. I was upset. Why couldn’t I have gotten it earlier? I mean I am ready! But that is the way it is and will always be. I wish I could get it done sooner. But if I want the gifts I need to wait. 

About the Author: I love writing
Rowan Dean