Oct 15

Colors Bleed

Colors break

Break open on canvas, tremble in the presence of broken wings and brilliance

Shed tears of maroon and velvet laced dresses, scream when they are found

Leave fingerprints and blotches over my body, ripe and golden brown, bruised purple and midnight blue, all mixed into one,

Like tigers eyes except

 they are not beautiful

Colors Bleed

This is blue, nothing but soft and full, 
Polish and smooth
River water over opal stones

Here is green, biting and crisp
Intelligent eyes brimming with shadows
Secrets in the forest

Know this is orange, blooming large
Falling in leaves and sheets
And swirling in meltdowns around our feet

Now is white, softly alive
Scarves and bottles of perfume, shoes in a closet
Interlacing and combining

Purple is dreaming, capturing souls
Royalty is a myth but queen and king is forever
Broken crayon, beaten crocus

Orchid is all, melting over 
Diamonds in ears, glinting ice
Nothing is impossible
This is me trying

Yellow has grown, full of energy and sarcasm
Dimpling everything and filling its pockets
With clover and patchwork scars

Silver came around, a wound wide open somehow beautiful
Scars across my body, twisted around my thighs untying 
Causing me to bite my lip in anticipation

Red is never irrelevant, always bursting with stories
It comes from the heart, is the heart
Anxiety and hope and fear and love 

Gold is frozen, lost in tandems of time
Mirror is turquoise frosted and silent
References to songs and the artists they own 
Vibrant and still

Colors Bleed

They are made of blood