Oct 17
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My summer

My Summer

    This summer me and my family got to go to Maine. We get to go every summer. But this year was special for multiple reasons. We got to do more things because we had to skip last summer because of covid. 

One of the things we don't usually do is go to Funtown Splashtown. It is really fun. It's a mix of a water park and an amusement park. But we only went to the water park. I had so much fun there, I never wanted to leave. 

One of my favorite slides there is called The Tornado. It's when you go in this tube that can fit up to four people. They push you down one part of the slide. Then you go down this pretty high part of the slide. Once you go down that,you are in this big round thing where you go up, and back down, and so on until you reach the end and you go through another little part, and there's the end of the slide (it's kind of like a toilet). That was only one of the multiple slides I went on. 

    Another one of my favorite slides was the racing slides. There's four slides, so up to four people can go at a time. What you do is you all grab a thing to lay on, you all stand in front of your slide, and the person will say 3, 2, 1… Go! You all jump onto your slide on your belly and race down to the bottom. You turn left, then right, then, you go down this high drop. It was so fun, it was also pretty awesome because the line was never too long, and even if it were, the line moved really quick. 

The slides weren’t the only good part about that, it was also that we got to go with some of our cousins. There was also some really good food there. 

In Maine, we also go to the beach almost everyday. I love the beach cause there are SO many fun things to do there. For example, when we went, everyday we were there, we played wiffle ball SO MUCH. I wasn’t very good. But I did get better. Even though I wasn't very good in the beginning, It was still really fun to run around and hangout with our cousins. 

Another thing you can do at the beach is go buggy boarding. It’s kind of like surfing but not. You have a smaller board and you lay on your belly instead of standing. I got some really good waves. Some days were better than others though. A few times, I got pushed down because the wave was really strong. Some of my family had a really hard time catching the waves. 

Lastly, in Maine, we got to go to different stores to look around. I got to go with my aunt Chris and one of my sisters Raven, and some of my cousins. We got to go to a candy shop. I got a lot of candy, but I did share it with my family. Raven, on the other hand, did not want to share. But I don't think anyone in my family really wanted any of the candy she got. I definitely got better candy. After the candy store, we went into a sweatshirt store. I got a cool tie-dye sweatshirt, it's blue and black, and says “Maine, the way life should be”. I think it looks pretty cool, it's also really comfortable. 

In conclusion, I love going to Maine every summer because there are so many fun things to do, and I get to see a lot of my family

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