Oct 18
fiction challenge: Dancer
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  I throw my things down on the floor and sink into the couch when I get home. I sigh as I look at my emails again hoping to find something new. Of course there was nothing. I got up and decided sitting around doing nothing wasn’t going to help get me into a dance as the role lead. I walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water and decided to make dinner. As I was in the middle of it I got a notification from another dance studio. When I looked it said the same as always. I got the role as a background dancer. I was starting to think my dream wasn’t going to happen. The more and more emails I got the more upset I felt. It was as if no matter how hard I tried to get a lead role I couldn’t. Was there something I was doing wrong I thought? Or was my dancing not good enough? No that couldn’t be it. Maybe I could apply for a different dance studio and work my way up to my dream studio. While the water was boiling for the pasta I got out my laptop and wrote a short email to the smaller dance studio down the road. I smiled and got back to making the food. As I sat down to eat there was a ping from my phone. More hopeful than when I checked my emails before I checked. It was an email from the studio! I checked carefully and saw that it said I would get the lead role for the show in two weeks! All I had to do was go in to practice every day at four pm. I smiled and realized that my dream would come true eventually but it would just take time.
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