Oct 18
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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The Three Ghosts of Williston

“Come on Cindy!” Marcus yelled. 

“I'm coming. I just want to collect a few things before we leave.” Cindy shouted.

 Nova sighed as she watched the car full of boxes and random trinkets pull into the driveway. Her, Cindy and Marcus were runaway children. It's not like they were running away from anything in particular but living in a graveyard for enteranty isn't as fun as you would think. Cindy gingerly flew out of the window with a small little box in her hand, usually Nova would find these things a waste of time since they needed to leave their temporary home before the living arrived but this time it was different. Cindy slowly came down to them, carefully holding a box in her hands. The box she was holding was beautiful. With a gold rim surrounding the edges and little glass jewels on the handle to make even more lavashing.

 “Woah what is that thing?” Marcus questioned. 

“I don't know honestly, I just love how shiny it is and decided to bring it with us.” 

Nova watched as Cindy slowly opened the box and to her surprise. A beautiful melody started playing out of it. “Woah” they all said in unison. “Out of all the rubbish you’ve collected these past years this is sure the best thing you’ve collected by far.” Nova said.

 “And there's plenty more in the house! Come on guys…” Cindy pleaded. Cindy has been saying non stop on how they should stay put and live with the living, of course Marcus disagrees and says that it's too dangerous and mischievous for them to do. In the end it all comes down to Nova's shoulders as she has to decide between the two. After they’re bickering, Nova always tells them that she’ll decide later when in reality it's the least of her worries. Of course she can't put that charade on forever. 

“It's time you decide on Nova,” Cindy huffed. 

“She's right Nova, we can't keep having this conversation forever, “ Marcus chriped.

 Nova knew they were right. She’d been putting this down because she didn't want to choose between them but now the time has come. Nova fumbled with her fingers as she said her decision. “ you know what Cindy? We’ve been on the run for long enough. Let's try it.” Cindy cheered as she flew into the house. Mark just huffed and followed her in. Nova thought she chose the right decision, she flew right behind them with a smile on her face. Little did she know that it was the biggest mistake of her life.

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