Oct 18
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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The Ghost At The Weathertons

Ghost, there is a figure of our imagination right? They are the villains in a story that we tell little kids to help put them to sleep, their characters in books and movies that are supposed to send a chill down your spine. But what if they are real, what if they have been lurking around us and we never noticed? What are these little creaks we hear in the attic are they planning their next attack? We might never know, or maybe we just want to keep the scary stuff in the closet? But as we all know, at one point all the scary stuff and all the secrets will come to light. Let’s just hope that we don’t get burned when that happens.

When the Weathertons moved into their new house they didn’t expect ghosts, to be honest, no one expects ghosts when they move into a new house. And just like the ghosts they didn’t expect anyone to move into their house, they thought it was unfair that whenever a new family moves into their house they have to leave, they thought they were equals with humans and that they should respect their decision and leave the ghosts house. But obviously, that is not what happened so when the humans were down unpacking their stuff the ghost left, all except one. The ghost that stayed was always a little different, he didn’t like to talk, he didn’t like to play, and most importantly he didn’t like to move. Every time they moved this ghost would try extra hard to try to stay, he would cry, scream, kick, and yell no one could tell if he was an adult or a child, and obviously, he would never tell them. Although he didn’t want to leave all those other times he always did, most people brought nothing with them when they left, but he always made sure he brought his Anthologies, which were his most prized position. 

When the Wheatertons found the lonely ghost they weren’t scared, they weren't surprised, they were happy? Or excited maybe, that they had someone new to run around the house, and the only thing that made them even happier was when they saw his stories. Coming from two book nerds his writing was excellent I guess the ghost never had anything to be scared of in the first place. I guess all the stories and the rumors saying humans hate ghosts weren’t true because from what you can see in this story the Weathertons loved the lonely ghost. But one can only wonder what they will act like when the other ghost returns home. Well, I guess I’ll see you next time on The Ghost At The Weathertons.

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