Oct 18
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The Fallen Chapter 1: Plasma

"Fear, it's all I've known for all my life. Fear is something that I'll never be able to escape in my life. It had gotten so bad that my father banned me from leaving the mountain, fearing that he'd lose me. When one gets so used to having fear, what becomes of that person? Sure they still feel fear, but now they can hide the fact that they're afraid. So, how can one tell one is afraid when they've lost the ability to??"
(How did I end up here, here alone in the dark? What did I do to deserve this?) "Y2708, you're up." said an impatient man "Wha- what" she muttered as quiet as a mouse. Her chain shackled as she moved. The more the movement made her move, the louder the noise was. (Mom… dad… I'm sorry about not being able to help you.)
"S-sir, where are we going," she stated with all the courage she mustered up, 
"Well, I'd like you to take a guess," he snarled cockidly. The relatively young girl gave him no response.
 "You're no fun, hun. This is an auction specifically where those monsters can be sold. But, you're a special case, coming from a highly ranked family and all, and based on your looks, you'll probably be sold fairly high." 
(S-sold, no, that can't be happening. This is all a dream… right.?) 

"Grey dear, it is time to do the morning prayers." said a cunning woman 
"Ten more minutes," an exhausted voice stated
-woman drags young girl out of bed- 
"OW! MY HEAD" snorkeled the girl
"I'll give you 20 minutes to get ready for the day. If you're not done by then, you'll be skipping breakfast." said the woman in a severe tone
"I'll be ready right away!?!" the girl shouted while she ran towards the restroom. She begins to fill the tub with water then goes to get the outfit for the day. Once the tub was filled, she leaped in. Once she was done, she quickly got changed in the nick of time to eat breakfast. Her hair was still damp and unbrushed, but she could finish doing that after she ate. 
"How did you sleep last night, dear?" the woman stated while cutting into her pancakes,  
"I slept well last night, mother. How has the morning been." Grey happily responds by stuffing her face with some strawberry crepes and pancakes.


"Well, my morning has been hectic. I had to help your father earlier with the setting up of this year's festival." her mother said in a soothing tone. 
(The festival?. Why had I forgotten…)
“800,000! DO WE HAVE 800,000? 900,000? 100,000?! 13,000,000? 13,000,00 IT IS” 
Humans, driven by greed that is what we all ever run on. This greed is our curse. This is the price we pay for going beyond what was given to us.
She opens her eyes and, (What, WHAT HAPPENED?!) terrified people and running and yelling while exiting the building (There's red smoke everywhere it's so hard to see.) *cough, cough* The smoke clears up, "AHHHHHHHH" she screamed petrified "THERES BLOOD ALL OVER, THERES BLOOD ON ME" she looks at the blood that was dripping from her hand she falls back (WHATS WRONG WITH MY HAND) 

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