Oct 19
fiction challenge: Dancer
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It’s never fun being stuck in the background. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember and am very passionate about it. I personally believe that I am pretty good and many others could back me up on this but for some reason anytime I am part of a show I am stuck in the back. I feel like this isn’t allowing me to display the full extent of my talent. It feels as though I’m stuck in a cage watching everyone else display what they have to offer while I can’t. I just want to feel the freedom of being in the front with all the eyes on me studying my every move. It's like trying to impress a love interest that's on the other side of a crowd, if you could move a few feet forward maybe you’d be able to get their attention. All I can do is show up and give it my best to try to prove myself every day and hopefully soon I’ll be able to get their attention.

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