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fiction challenge: Reach
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Fire, Wind, Water and Earth

The trumpets to the castle blared and I walked out onto the large porch. I sat on my throne with red silky cloth and I started talking while others from the village gathered around, “Hello people of Earth Tribe!” I smiled with excitement “Tonight is the royal ball! Make sure to be there! - - - That night at the royal ball people were dressed in fancy red and yellow dresses with some people wearing sleek nice suits. There was music playing and people dancing along to the music, I tapped on the mic “ Testing, Testing 1 2 3!” People’s attention had been brought up to me “ I'm excited to announce we are going to make peace with the Fire Tribe!” 
Everyone knows there are four tribes Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. We are Earth Tribe, Earth and Fire Tribe have been at war for hundreds of years. Long ago every tribe had equally divided land, then, Fire Tribe had gotten greedy and had thought they deserved more land so they attacked us, Earth Tribe. Fire Tribe tried taking our land from us, lighting our crops on fire, destroying our towns. We got sick of it and declared war on the Fire Tribe.
      Recently The Fire Tribe had started giving up on attacking us. I have been chief of Earth Tribe for 23 Years now. I am 43. “I think this would be the best time to make peace with the Fire Tribe!” I announced to the rest of Earth Tribe “As most of you know they have stopped attacking more often, I think that they have stopped caring about wanting our land. This might be our opportunity to make peace with them! SO this afternoon we will go bearing gifts to them!” there was a bit of agreeing chatter in the crowd - - - We had arrived at the Fire Tribes castle gates. We had gifts in our hands, there was rumbling then the castle gates opened and the chief of the Fire Tribe had greeted us there “I've been expecting you” the Fire Tribe chief said “oh.. In that case we have come bearing gifts and wanting peac- “hey hey it's alright I accept your peace offering” the Fire chief had interrupted “Come in and have some of our feast we were just having!” We walked into the castle dining room and the Fire chief said to the other Fire Tribe beings ``We will have Earth Tribe over for a feast! There is now peace among us, so how about we let Earth Tribe settle and let them eat whenever they would like.” Multiple people had sat down and dug into the food. Later that evening we all had packed up and left but as we arrived at our kingdom there were Fire Tribe warriors destroying our castle! The Fire chief had lied! It was just a distraction so they could attack us! All that thinking made me not knotice what was happening and my tribe was fighting the Fire Tribe, I yelled and screamed for everyone to stop “NO.. S-STOP FIGHTING WE DON'T HAVE TO FIGHT ALL THE TIME!” I yelled till I had  no breath left and that was the moment when I knew it had all flown out of my reach..
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