Oct 19
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I don't forgive I take

I’ve never forgiven easy
I’ve always been push and pull 
A tide of anger 
Never soothed 

I can see the fear in his eyes 
Why is he scared of me?
All I have ever been
 to him is weak

I admit it feels good 
The fear he feels 
Maybe now 
He’ll get a taste of how I felt 

I lift his face up 
With shaking fingers 
I hope now he feels my storm 

I close my eyes and
see lightning behind them
My entire body is electric 
Made for pain
You touch me  
You bleed 
Just like I did

You coat my fingers
Black as tar 
Slick as oil

I bring you to my lips
You taste dark and bitter
I thought revenge would taste sweeter
Oh well





I make you bleed 
Just like you did to me
And this time 
I won’t stop