Oct 19
fiction challenge: Melted Lines
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Lucy’s Grilled Cheese

     Lucy is a twelve-year-old girl with a kind disposition. Lucy liked to think she had a pretty good life, but all that was about to change. It was a cool, sunny, fall day in northern Maine. Lucy had gotten home from school that day expecting it to be like any other day of the school year. She would get home from school, her dad working in his home office, and her mother working at the hospital till nine at night. But no, that couldn’t possibly be the case today due to her parents having other plans that Lucy was unaware of. She shut the door as she walked into her home. Lucy was about to get a snack when she realized that she’d been completely oblivious of what was going on. There were boxes stacked up all over their house! Lucy’s first thought was that her parents were kicking her out. Totally freaked out, she rushed to find her dad and ask him what in the world was going on. She hollered and hollered out to him but to reply. Finally, her mom came into the room and told her some news that would change her life forever. She was moving to Green River, Utah! No way, no how she thought. Utah is across the country, with none of her friends, hardly any snow, and nothing out there that excites her. But most importantly, Who even moves to Utah, She thought. With her luck, the next thing that came out of either of her parent’s mouths was that she was going to be a big sister. Thankfully that wasn’t it, it was about dinner that night. Dinner, we’re talking about dinner. Are you serious right now?!?!? This is not what we should be talking about right now, she thought. But then she had an amazing realization that made her ecstatic. She then made a grilled cheese for herself and took a bite. She then found hope between the buttery, melted lines of her grilled cheese.
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