Oct 20
poem challenge: Hope
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The thing I hope for most, in the end, is what most of us hope for. True happiness. Though I suppose I should be more specific; after all, true happiness looks different for everyone. This is what true happiness is to me:
It’s getting lost in thought.
It’s sharing a moment with someone special.
It’s waking up after a full night of rest.
It’s listening to your favorite songs.
It’s walking among the trees.
It’s learning about that topic you’ve been dying to research.
It’s reading a wonderfully good book.
It’s hearing a joke that makes you keel over with laughter.
It’s finishing the last assignment you have for the week.
It’s giving or getting a hug.
It’s being able to truly relax now and then. 
It’s accepting that you aren’t perfect. 
It’s being able to be your authentic self without fear. 
Most of all, though, it’s knowing that you have people you care for deeply, and that those people care for you just as much.
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