Oct 20
poem challenge: Ghosts
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the ghost curse

Ghosts. Are they a figure of our imagination, or are real?
Four friends, trapped as ghosts, all because of one deal.
They scare anyone who gets near.
So they go from house to house, to avoid causing fear.
They chose empty houses, rather than ones where there may be human ears to hear.
If they are found, the people will leave, only for the house to get torn down.
So they chose their new house wisely, and have to travel from town to town.
Although it may seem fun, It is not. At least, not for the four friends.
They are burdened by this curse, for the longer they haunt, the more their time extends.
They just want to find a place to spend the rest of their days.
They dream of finally escaping their curse.
But their time on earth will extend more, even with a simple gaze.
And with every passing day, the house they reside in gets worse and worse.
Four friends trapped in a curse.
Four friends, wishing they could make it reverse.
Four friends wrapped up by their old boasts.
Four friends trapped as ghosts.
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