Oct 21
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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We're tired of moving!


 “I’m sick of it!” Grandpa Mike yelled, “I am not moving again! For two years I have been moving and I'm staying put!”

“Dad we can't stay too. The people will move in soon!” Mother says firmly.

“Mommy, I don't want to leave either! We like this home,” says my twin sisters with little powtie eyes. 

“We have to fight for it!” Grandpa Mike said. 

“I agree! I’m with grandpa!” I say.

“Lacy no we need to leave. If they see us we would give them heart attacks and they will try to hunt us down!” My mom is scared.

 “We are ghosts, Mom. They can't even see us unless we show them what we look like..” I say.

 Then we heard keys opening a door and we all hid. The people looked rich. The lady was clad with a fur coat. And the man with the gold watch.

Then grandpa Mike yells, “CHARGE!”

I joined the twins too. My mother yelled, “Stop!” But it did not work.

We grabbed paint from the living room and fluff from pillows and dumped it on the heads. They screamed and never came back!

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