Oct 22
fiction challenge: Dancer
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Elena was sick of staring at the perfectly shaped buns of the dancers in front of her. All she wanted was to see the faces of an audience infatuated with her technique. Mesmerized by her perfectly placed steps and her long lines. She’d been trying out for the lead roles for years, but all she’s ever achieved is single song, mediocre, back-row position. Elena still gives it everything she’s got, even though she knows no one can even see her. After 14 years of intense training 6 days a week, she’s still hidden in the shadows of the tutus in front of her. The heat from the stage light barely reaches her, and sometimes she trips over the back curtain. All Elena wants is to be the center of the entire auditorium, to know that everyone's eyes are on her. She’ll continue to work hard and pray that she finally gets noticed. But for now, she stands in b-plus, in the back row, and stares at the perfectly shaped buns.
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