Oct 22
fiction challenge: Objects
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Every time I see a football I have to throw it. Just the way it glides through the air while it is perfectly spiraling. Then I catch it and it feels amazing. When you start to run, you hold it like it is a baby. You know you will let your team down if you just let it go. Then twenty yards, ten yards, one yard, and then touchdown!

You win your first game and you start to feel excited. You think your team has a chance to win the Superbowl. Now you have to win two more times to make the playoffs. You start two lose in your next game by two points. Then a reception touchdown is when you take the football from them and run into the end zone.You win that game and then you make it two the playoffs.

Now you must not lose. You feel excited but nervous. The game comes and you are ready. Down. Set. Go! You take off running and you catch the ball. You start to run and you juke a player by dodging them. You get tackled. You got a first down and then your friend makes a touchdown! Onto the Superbowl.

You practice all week and then the day comes and you think you are ready. Ready. Set Go! You look for the ball and the other team throws it for a touchdown. Half time and your team is losing. You get out there and catch the ball for a touchdown. Now one minute left and the game is tied. They throw the ball and you catch it. Touchdown. Your team wins the Superbowl.

Now it is the end of the season and you look at your football and think how fun it was. You can't wait for next year.

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