Oct 22
fiction challenge: Objects
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The Rock

Thirteen  billion years ago a rock was formed. It was the only thing on the planet at the moment. It technically was inside the planet, but let's just say it was a normal rock. All rocks start differently, but this was the most different of all. 

Ten thousand years ago, this happened.

The planet was made by the power of twin volcanoes and a huge energy wave creating a planet. A rain of meteors and pieces of sun hit the twin volcanoes causing a reaction that made 

something we now call radiation and obsidian. 

    The lava got so hot that it became super cold and turned into the obsidian. Radiation was created when the sun fragment crashed into the meteorites. This burned holes through the meteorites causing the sun fragments to cool down and crash into each other. The rock is still left though all of the mayhem.

    After a long time it crashed into Earth. Then it cooled down and someone touched it. This is what it felt like. It was bumpy, a little spiky like bad cut wood and smooth in some places like obsidian. After a long time it crashed through the Earth's atmosphere.

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