Oct 22
poem challenge: Melted Lines
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Grilled Hope

A little girl sat down and pouted 

Because the place she sat was very crowded 

With people coming from near and far 

Through the door that had been left ajar 

And even though the room was filled with pleas

To let them in without any fees

She found hope in the buttery melted lines, of her grilled cheese

And even though her baby brother cried 

She still smiled a smile that was very wide 

Her mother was trying to stimulate 

Her brother as they had a very long wait

Looking down at the melted butter 

Took her thoughts away from her sobbing brother 

She thought all of this as they tried to get in 

To a Vet Clinic called Dolphins Fin

As people around her called out in pain

Because they learned they would never see their beloved friend again

She was still happy in this place 

Because she was happily stuffing her face

And even though the chances were slim

And the situation was very grim

She felt like a rainbow was shining over her 

When she saw a dog come out with brownish fur 

She looked to her mother and said

“Look mom, the dog’s not dead!”

They all ran over and shouted out with glee 

As the dog bounced around happily 

So even though you may frown

And the world can seem to turn upside down

You can always find hope in the buttery lines of a good grilled cheese.