Oct 22

Me Before You

Me Before You:

Without a doubt in my mind, I’ll change everything about me for you

It’s just something I’d do
I’ll put on more makeup

Or I’ll take it all off

If being with you means being less lost
I’ll change my coffee order and my habits

I would hide my social status 

All too be enough for you
You can have all my dreams

They’re yours to achieve

As long as you’re higher in my feelings than I’ll ever be
I would walk from Venus to Neptune

I’d take away sunny afternoons and to your quirks, I’d become immune
I think I would do most things to keep your eyes on me

It’s just a hunch that is buried deep 

I won’t change a single thing about how you act

And continue to tell everyone that I’m okay 

Despite you and all your ways 
It’s never me before you

Your habits are nothing new

Even though onlookers didn’t like the way you act

I never even noticed the impact
At least until someone else pointed it out

So maybe it’s not me before you yet

And maybe it never will be

But at least it’s no longer you before me

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