Oct 22
poem challenge: Glittering

Almost strangers

The glances the whispers, the frequent stares

Getting to know you as the summer air

Slowly drifts, right through the trees

Barely a sound and with such ease

I cannot remember a time when you were not near

But as the summer breeze turns cold

I start to see less and less of my friend

The one I long for doesn’t long for me

And then one day our paths intertwine

I dream of how we used to be

Frolicing freefully, nothing to see

But when I look at you now it’s easy to read

Our paths will no longer intertwine

And I will have to take this as something fine

Because you have replaced me, with someone new

And I want to tell you, I really do

That I would have never expected that

Especially from you 

There they sat, in all their glittering glory, far across the room from me

You and your new friend, I admit it stings 

The glances, the whispers, the frequent stares

All come back to me

As I close my eyes and feel the autumn breeze

I cannot help but feel at ease

For you may have replaced me, but I will never replace you

My friend forever, good luck to you

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