Oct 24
fiction challenge: Melted Lines
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The Egglington Childrens Library

As she was rollerblading from the pickle factory at two am underneath a full moon, Chrysanthemum (who every one called 'Chris' to save time) saw that the lights in the Egglington Public Library were still on. Chris liked the library, even though it only had two rooms and no children's section, and she also wanted to know why someone was there at two am, so she took off her rollerblades and went in. When she got in, she saw the librarian still up, and rearranging books on the shelves.

The librarian, who was named Sole, looked bit like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She had wavy blonde hair in a sideways pony tail, kind of 80's clothes, surprised-looking blue eyes, and a dreamy smile. Insted of spectrospecs, she wore purple rectangular glasses. Tonight though, she didn't look dreamy or surprised. She looked worn out. Still, she smiled when Chris walked in.

"What are you doing here so early?" she asked.

"Isn't it late?" asked Chris.

"It is so late that we may call it early" answered Sole. "That's a Shakespere quote. He actually liked that line so much that he put it in two of his plays, Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night." she explained .

"Ok" responded Chris, a bit taken aback by the Shakespeare, even though she should be used to it by now, given the amount of time she spent in the Egglington public library.

"But why are you here so Late?" Sole asked again. 

"I was supposed to drop Sage off at the pickle factory where my parents work after dinner, but we kept stopping at ice cream trucks. And then I had to help a turtle cross the road, and before knew it, it was two am!" Chris answered. "What are you doing hear so Early?"she asked.

"I was working on rearranging the library, but I just couldn't make it look right!" Sole explained "I think I finally got this room to look right, but now the smaller room is all empty!" 

If Chris had been in a cheesy cartoon, a lightbulb would have apeared over her head. Instead she jumped up and down and said, much too loudly " "Sole! I just got a grate idea! We can make the small room into a children's section!"

Sole interupted "Not to burst you're bubble or any thing, but" (Which Chris thought was a strange phrase. She had always wanted to say it before popping a soap bubble.) "There are a lot of obstacles to get around" continued Sole. "Firstly, who will be the children's librarian?" she asked

"I will!" shouted Chris, not letting her metaphorical bubble be burst.

"But you have high school." refuted Sole.

"It can be a part time library, and I can work there after school!" Chris yelled, still not letting the librarian burst her metaphorical bubble.

"Ok, but how will you get books?" asked Sole.

"We can buy them!" shouted Chris.

"Where wll you get the money?" asked Sole.

"Oh." Chris's metaphorical bubble had finaly been burst. Deflated, she sank into a convenient comfy armchair.

She rollerbladed sadly home, dissapointed that her idea wouldn't work. She tried to think of money-raising ideas. 

Bake sale? She wondered. No, I can't bake. Lemonade stand? No, it's Fall and no one wants to buy ice cold lemonade when it's 40 degrees outside. Book sale. No, that's just ridiculous.

It's hopeless.
 She decided.

She was hungry by the time she got home. She took off her rollerblades, and decided to make a grilled cheese. She made her grilled cheeses with Cabot cheder, Sunny Brook Farm feta, apple smoked bacon, and home grown cherry tomatos. 

She buttered two slices of bread and sandwiched the cheddar, bacon, tomatoes and feta between them. Than came the strangest step of her grilled cheese-making process. She got out the iron and ironing board, and ironed the sandwich. Than she sat down at her kitchen counter to eat her sandwich.

And as she stared at the cheesy bacony tomatoey goodness, she found hope between the buttery melted lines of her grilled cheese! She could have a grill cheese sale to raise mony for the library! Her grilled cheeses were irresistably delicious, and her ironing method was perfectly portable! 

She was so happy that she dropped her grilled cheese back onto her plate, pumped her fists in the air, and yelled, inexplicably "Grilled cheese, it's what's for breakfast!"

Her older sister Zinnia, came out of her bedroom, bleary eyed and said "that's a strange thing to have for brakefast. Can we have French toast instead?"