Oct 24
fiction challenge: Melted Lines

It's What's for Breakfast

Izzy sat on the foot of the bed and flipped the sequins on her shirt from green to blue, green to blue, green, blue, green, blue, green. She thought as she flipped the sequins, "What on earth will I get for Ginny's birthday?" The thought was as sour as the mayo that went bad on the sandwich she had once eaten that she found in her locker. "Guess I put it in and forgot it was there", thought Izzy. Ginny was Izzy's newly adopted little sister. "BRRREAKFAST!!!!" said Izzy's mother, rolling her Rs. Izzy walked downstairs and was greeted by the smell of buttery grilled cheese. Her mother, Elizabeth Punestshin, made delicious (if not breakfasty) breakfast. Izzy sat down to eat. She found hope between the buttery melted lines of her grilled cheese. You see, the cheese was stringy when she bit into it. Just like the fur of the Angora rabbit she saw online that was up for adoption. The perfect present! Then, Izzy yelled at the top of her lungs, "ANGORA BUNNIES! IT'S WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST!!!!"