Oct 25
poem challenge: Urgency

Climate change

There is more than just you on this earth
And there is more than just me. 
There is more than just us on this earth.
There is this –
There is sky and stars and moon and sun.
We explore them over and over, hoping to discover their secrets.
There are trees we’ve planted, to grow big and real.
Do we do that for nothing?
There is more than then.
There is more than now.
There is after.
What about dreaming?
What about growing and accomplishing and living?
What about fighting for something we believe in, standing up for our rights?
What about us?
The children of this place, this world on a world we have built.
What about our future?
Because you and I, me and you,
We have not been around long enough to make this place what it is today.
None of it is our fault.
We deserve a future.
It’s going to be our future.
There is more than just life on this earth.
There is more than just blood and breath and bone.
There is more than you and me, us.
There is this
There is laughter and tears and hope and words
And love and caramel and Rubik's Cubes
And what about rain?
What about sitting through glorious thunderstorms, dancing as the wind whips your hair?
What about resting in the arms of someone you love, laughing at stupid movies together?
How about hoodies? Winter hats and hot apple cider? Won’t you miss that?
Because if we continue going in the direction we are, 
There will be no need for any of those.
There will be no snow, no glimmering colors mingling on rooftops.
This is the reality of our existence.
These are the horrendous parts we have created
That are disguised by the beautiful parts we’ve created.
This is the reality of our
This is the reality of
This is the reality
This is the
This is