Oct 25
fiction challenge: Dancer

Challenges As A Dancer

           The A.B.P.  (Australian Ballet Program) was the building block for me to become a professional dancer. I started dancing when I was four years old. My mom used to say to me “Gabby, even though you lost this performance, I know you’re going to win the next one.” I have tan skin like the sand on the beach with green eyes like seaweed. My hair is Midnight black. I am nice for the most part but sometimes I get really mad. Most of the time I’m happy but I still get sad now and then. But no matter how I feel I can always dance.

       When I was twelve I would go on long trips to faraway places to perform.  I had won an award for the youngest dancer to perform in the finals for one hundred dollars and I WON! I love ballet so much and it calms me down when I am upset. 

         I loved dancing back then and so did my so-called friends. I got bullied too many times to count while I was at dance class. It was like everyone matched but I was the missfit. Lots of times I ran out of the room. The other dancers would say how bad of a dancer I was even though I danced quite well.

    When I was twelve years old, I was practicing for a big performance and I broke my ankle.  At first it did not hurt but after a week it really hurt. I had to take a break from dancing for  four months. It was my first time doing it and sadly not the last.

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