Oct 25
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I was warming up when the instructor walked in. She had a violet shirt on with black sweatpants.

“Back again,”she said. 

“Yes,”I replied. Once again I was trying out for a lead role.

“So as you all know in a month, we will be performing the Nutcracker, but I will need to pick the lead roles,” she said. “So let's start..” 

“First up,” she called. “Kelly Clark.” A girl with flowing black hair tiptoed onto the platform. She spun and twirled. Then she dramatically dipped and whistled a sweet song of harmony. What could the instructor want more for the main role? “Thank you Kelly. Next up is Tara Leno.” Jenna, the instructor said. 

Another young lady skipped up with her brown hair tied up in a tight bun. She did a quick leap and then a short spin. She moved so elegantly like a butterfly while drifting through the air. How could I beat her? I thought. 

More and more girls came up with the same goal...Winning. Finally I heard my name. “Clare Peterson.''Jenna announced.  I took a deep breath in and with the exhale I took a step onto the stage. I opened my mouth. I felt my body shaking. I let the words flow out of me. My voice filled the silent room. I moved swiftly to the song. I spun and I flew in the air. I turned and twisted. The feeling felt right. As I danced, I felt no doubts. I was just focused on the moment. It was my big leap. I soared through the air… But I landed on the side of my foot! I went tumbling towards the ground. The girls behind the stage gasped. Thoughts rushed through my head. It all went so fast yet so slow. At the last second I turned and rolled gracefully. Then right back up to a finishing pose. “Thank you ladies. Next up are the guys and then I will tell you who will get the main role,” she announced.

Finally the time had come and we would find out who the lead role in the NNutcracker was. We all stood tall with anticipation. We all tried to look as confident as possible. “Clare will be Clara Kelly, sugar plum fairy. The rest of the girls will be dolls” she said. A sensation flowed through me. I didn’t know what to say. 

That was the day I finally achieved my dream. 
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