Oct 27
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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Many Years

Many many years have passed. Along with that many houses. It feels like an eternity since I could walk and an eternity since I could taste. At first it was cool to not have to eat and to not have to worry about walls and such but it got old fast.I honestly miss the feeling of the stress on your legs while walking upstairs or even something as dumb as stubbing your toe, I just miss feeling. I’ve spoken to others about these feelings and they agree. That is one good thing about my predicament, there are plenty of people to talk to that come and go. I've found my group though, a group of late teens just like myself. Together we find houses to stay in and make the inhabitants lives complete hell until they sell the house or leave, then we do the same. Onto the next house of unsuspecting people. It keeps us busy and when you have all of eternity you need to keep yourself busy. Maybe one day I'll be able to move on but until that day terrorizing families and moving houses is enough for me.
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