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fiction challenge: Dancer
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Dancing is my Passion

Being A Dancer

By Amina Peco NRG 2 age 11 Essex Junction

I love dancing,it's my passion. I really love getting home from school and hearing my mom say,¨It's time for dance class¨!  Sometimes I come home very stressed,but when I go to dance I let all of my feelings out! I think I'm the most talented dancer so my mom says. I think she just says that because I'm her daughter. Anyway my name is Rachel,and when I have to dance in front of a million people I'm a mess! I'm always excited for a dance recital,but I really don't like dancing in front of at least a million people! I am always ready for a new dance to learn,whether it's a lyrical (Clam dance) or a Hip Hop dance. I'm the worst at doing a jazz dance. We have to perform a group dance this weekend,the theme is ¨Alice in Wonderland¨ . I love watching that movie, it's the best,and I think I'm going to like the dance routine. There is a slight problem,my dance teacher doesn't think I have the potential to dance in front of the stage. She put me in the back,and I'm wearing this ugly tree costume. My dance teacher told me, ¨You'll look so cute in it, I'm so sorry we have too many people playing a character so we needed someone to make it feel like there is a forest in the background¨. I was really mad at her,and I'm usually never mad at my dance teacher. Its just she had this dumb idea to put me in the back,plus I have to be a tree! Couldn't have I been an animal running through the background? Nope I have to be some sort of tree. I told my mom everything about what happened at dance class today. She said,`` It will be okay,you know it's better if you try some roles you don't usually get. I know that you will get to be in the front some day¨.

Well what she said was true,I mean we will just have to see what happens this weekend. After dinner I went straight to my bed and fell asleep thinking maybe my dance teacher would change my role.
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