Oct 29
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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Once upon a time there was a forty-five year old woman named Katie. She had one daughter and two sons. Emma, her daughter, is ten years old. She likes to play with Barbies. She listens well and stays out of trouble. One of her brothers is named Jack and he is five years old. Her other brother is a baby. His name is Kevin and he is one year old

One night  Katie was making dinner while the kids were playing. Emma was playing with her Barbie dolls. Jack was playing trucks with Kevin. Kevin started crying because he saw something on tv. Emma was watching Netflix. She was watching Cocomelon and  she was playing with her dolls. She looked up and there was a ghost in the house. She got so scared that she had a heart attack. She ended up dying in the hospital. The kids stayed with their dad. Her children were really sad and they brought flowers for their mom at  her grave. This is why you should believe in ghosts!  

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