Oct 29
fiction challenge: Ghosts
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The Haunted Hotel

In a world where ghosts are feared and not widely accepted as being real, three ghosts go from abandoned home to abandoned home, looking for someplace to stay away from humans. Jack, Amy, and Randel, three average ghosts, move from their current dwelling when it falls apart or gets sold. For some 500 years, these ghosts have moved from house to house, not meeting a human once.
     “I’m tired of moving around so much.” Said Rendel. “ We have done this for 500 years. Don’t you guys think it's time for something a little more interesting?”
    “I mean… It has been a long time since we've done anything other than move around to different houses.” Agreed Amy.
“I guess we could do something different.” Said Jack, quiet as ever.
So, they made plans to take up residence in a hotel that is soon to be opened to the public. It is not the fanciest hotel. It has small, but comfy rooms. The lobby has a TV and some couches. There's even a counter with some sweet treats. It’s definitely a place where people would want to stay. A place where there are people for the ghosts to mess around with.
On the opening day of the hotel, dozens of people filled the lobby. The hotel had no vacancy in an hour. Perfect for playing tons of pranks on humans.
The ghosts split up the rooms between themselves. They slammed doors, made strange noises, and stood as shadowy figures at the foot of people's beds. It was one of the best nights of their lives. It didn’t last long though. Their shenanigans caused all of the guesses to leave before their stay was over, and the hotel shut down soon after. No one wanted to go to a haunted hotel.
The ghosts are back to their lonely lives. They just weren't meant to be happy.       

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