Oct 29
fiction challenge: Melted Lines
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    As she sat down in the secluded booth in the corner of the diner, she couldn’t help but stare out the window. Every person that passed by had been given a made-up story by her mind, whether they were a writer or a dancer, they were all unique. She shrugged her coat off and put in her order, smiling at the waitress as she handed over the menu.

As more and more people passed the window, she fell into deep thought. The made-up stories of strangers got her to think of her life, and everything that she needed to do. There were so many decisions needed to be made and things needed to be done that she kept putting off, and she couldn’t ignore them any longer.

In that secluded booth where no one else could see her, she had made up her mind. As her plate was set down in front of her by the friendly waitress, she had finally decided. She took her first bite and stared down at the meal in her hands. There she was, holding her grilled cheese sandwich between her fingers and there was nothing left to worry about, because in those buttery melted lines of her grilled cheese, she had found hope.
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