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fiction challenge: Ghosts
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Ghost family

Melisa Burazerovic     10\20\21   Contest Number 8
Chapter 1 

It was morning and time to move out of yet another house. We had to do that often because everytime we move to a new house after a month it gets bought by humans. But we are ghosts and if we are seen by a human something bad will happen. I don't know exactly what or if anything bad will happen if they see you. That's just what our parents would say. It keeps us cautious in case something like that happens. As we finished breakfast we saw a car approaching “RUN” , said the leader of our group. So we flew  but we couldn't do that for long. It's like running, it's easy but you get tired fast.  “Few” said the leader, which is Sam. Now as we fly I will tell you a little bit about us, our whole group is a total of 10 ghosts. My mom and my dad, my sister and the rest of the group are my cousins .We are all like a family even though none of us are related. When we died we got put into a group with a leader so together we live.

Chapter 2

It was getting stormy and foggy which meant it would be very hard to see. The wind only got stronger and then all of a sudden “Woshhhhhhhh”. “AHHH HELP” I got torn away from my family and they didn't hear me. I was terrified because now there I was floating away in the endless gray sky. “BOOM!” I got smashed hard against something that then I just passed out. I could feel the rain pouring down on me but even though I tried to move I couldn't! At one point I even thought to myself  why do i feel like i'm inside somewhere warm. “I think she's waking up now mom.” a voice said but it seemed more familiar . Then I woke up and I was shocked to see my real cousins. I had missed them for so long hoping one day I would see them again. “Nina! Alex! You're here, you saved me!”. “But wait, I thought you can't see me or else something bad will happen.” i said “of course no worry we know you so nothing bad will happen.” Nina said. 

Chapter 3

The warm fireplace made me feel better as I watched some TV . I just sat there eating my grilled cheese sandwich wondering if I could find hope in the buttery, melted lines of my grilled cheese. Where were they? Will I ever find them? I thought to myself. I looked out the window where I saw a little boy, I waved to him but then he ran away. Rude! I thought to myself all of a sudden “RIIIIINNNNNGGGG!” a siren started to ring then it all became clear. I was a ghost! He saw ME, I had gotten carried away that I got seen by a human. People surrounded the house everywhere on all sides. So I flew up and up until I went through the windows on the roof of the house . I was terrified but then I ran into my pack! I thought I was saved but they saw us so we flew and flew until we went past the clouds and then I made it . A beautiful place above the clouds so safe and comfy, and then it all made sense there was no curse if they saw you then you would fly up and up until you would make it to this amazing place of safety. . . . . . . . . Three months later  here we were living our life and meeting new people.   
                                 THE END
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