Oct 31

In Darkening Dolennan

There is still much unexplored on the forest floor,
Unseen beneath the boughs of endless trees
In darkening Dolennan, the hallowed Holtmark
When light is foregone and shadows grow stark
Upon shimmering Dûenedril and shrouded hill
And standing there at the granite Gondruist, 
A thought in my mind persists;

Twelve Lights and Twelve Ideals lay the Law of the Land come night



Note: the names used in this poem are those I've made for the Griswold Scout Reservation. They're mostly a mix of elvish Sindarin and Old English used in Lord of the Rings.

Dolennan: "Hidden Valley" (Sindar)
Holtmark: "Forest land" (Old English) Alternate name for the GSR
Dûenedril: "Midnight mirror" (Sindar)
Gondruist: "Stone hearth" (Sindar) Alternate name for the Council Ring (pictured)