Nov 01
fiction challenge: Ghosts

Halloween Frights

            The News

People say they don't believe in ghosts but wait until they come to the house on Fright St from the year 1614.  They say it's haunted. A brick house with broken windows and vines wrapped around. There is a black chimney and a garage with purple goo on it. You can hear spooky noises coming out of the garage. 


                          1 Month Later

No one would ever go to the haunted house. Once a family of three rented the house without knowing it was haunted.

        “Oh, they're going to regret it,” people said.  Once they go in they’re not coming out. When the family walked in there was a scream and out they ran out.
                              The Next Day

The family was on the news. Unfortunately the news was glitchy but there was one word that was clear.  It was fire.

What did that mean? Was the building on fire? The community didn't know what that meant because the news was glitchy. 

Around 2:00pm,  sirens could be heard  around the block. It was the firefighters. People rushed out their doors to see what all the commotion was. The haunted house was on fire.
                               The End Of The house        Was this the end of the haunted house? For once people actually cared about the haunted house. The community missed the haunted house. Was the house actually on fire or did ghosts come to haunt the house? The firefighters sprayed the fire and it disappeared. The firefighters checked the house for ghosts but they didn't see any ghosts. This Meant it was the end of the house.'s picture
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