Nov 01
poem challenge: Afterlife

Ghost Stories After Sex

When you are a teen there is not a minute that goes by that you’re not waiting for a moment to happen

Something of a melodramatic symphony 

Waiting to play

The longing for the day 

When something happens that someone tells you is real
People like to say that teens don’t grow up fast

But you can’t even remember your past

It’s like a ghost in your house

As small as a mouse

And if you blink?

Well you’ll miss it
Because the high is over

The sunrise crashed

And you can’t help but laugh

While you lay down

Listening to a story that can’t be true

A tale that isn’t real

And it’s funny because you just experienced something so very real
So what if that all gets taken away?

The comfort of home lost

Finding that not living your life requires a cost

Skydiving as a ghost? Traveling the world by floating around?

What happens after the high comes down?
I’m sorry, my darling

I know it gets hard

But don’t disregard 

The message I tell you

The tales of ghosts and shadowy snows

The rosy blush glows of your life fleeting by

So I have to tell you
Your moms’ high heel will eventually break

The tears on the playground will turn into a lake

And the stories you get told in bed will turn from fairytales

To ones, you won’t like to no avail
Don’t worry, honey

I can guarantee you won’t fail

It’s just that growing up is a mess

It’s much like telling a ghost story after sex

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