Nov 02
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A Surfboard

    Take a look at a surfboard, and then look closer. Can you tell if it is a foam top, fiberglass, eproxy, or a fun board? Can you see all of the little pieces of foam in a foam board? Can you see all the little shards in a fiberglass board, or an air bubble might have popped in the eproxy mix before it hardened?

    Can you tell if it is a longboard, short board, or a fun board? A fun board is six to eight feet long. A long board is usually nine to ten feet long.Lastly, a foam board is eight to thirty six feet long. They All have different thicknesses too.

    What design does the surfboard have on it? Zig zags, graffiti, or just whatever design. Fun boards are typically swirled. Some are just wooden. What is yours? 

    A surfboard is a surfboard. Did you take a look? I personally like foam boards and fun boards. What's your favorite?

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