Nov 03
poem challenge: New Word

I'm looking for a word

I'm looking for a word
It should be there, yet all there is is empty space
A word for when the colors in a scene don't look quite right
A word for the lack of feeling you feel when you realize you don't feel anything
A word for when you're aware of sound, yet all you can hear is a low rumbling, the sound of your breath
A word for when you're aware of everything, yet a second later it passes
A word for when every little thing feels insignificant
A word for a watcher, for a listener, but never a speaker
A word for when you feel like you're merely observing the state of affairs
A word for a dreamer, a small creature with an imagination that is simply too big to fit in this world
A word that voices the desire to escape to nowhere
A word for the feeling that the world is incomplete
A word for when you miss the sun in the shade and the shade in the sun
A word for when your edges are blurring and swirling as you stand as a statue
A word that voices all of the crazy thoughts in my head
A word for the one who lives as though the whole world is watching, and makes them look when she realizes they're not
A word that fits both something coming towards, and moving away from you
A word that sounds of the crunch of leaves and the evening sky
A word that slows time and untangles speech
A word for dark and light and all shades of grey
​A word for flowers and rain and fire and yellow eyes and old scars, and everything beautiful
A word for anything and everything and nothing
I'm looking for a word
I'm looking for a
I'm looking for
I'm looking