Nov 05

The Human Desire

I am alone,
for the first time ever,
I am alone.
They say I will be safe here,
that as my habitat dwindles,
I need them to protect me.
But I can hear the calls and cries of the others,
that aren't the same as me,
no they can't erase my loneliness,
but they too are stuck,
behind wire walls,
where we are watched,
laughed at,
I wasn't alone before,
when we ran across fields of snow,
and scaled mountains when the heat of summer blasted through.
I wasn't alone, 
when we first saw them,
cutting down the forest where I had grown up,
digging up the mountains where we sought the cool breezes,
and now I am alone
and they say they are protecting me,
that the ones I loved went away because of a change,
but if that is true,
then that was a change they caused,
a change they wanted.