Nov 08
fiction challenge: Cat Person
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Don't CATegorize.

I hear many people saying, eww… why would people get something that poops in a box? And I hear people saying, oh god, dogs are scary. But I think, like humans, there are some good, and some bad from all the places. I've seen many mean and hissing cats, but I've also seen calm, nice, purring cats. I've seen plenty of big, (or small) barking-biting mean dogs, but I've also seen some nice, playful, happy cute dogs. I think you can't just fit 373,000,000 animals into one group. I myself have a cat but I would like to have a playful dog who could get along with my cat and not fight. There are also many other animals, but one, in particular, is sort of funny to me. (this doesn't mean you shouldn't have one) but I've heard that snakes don't actually have the intellect to feel affection towards their owner, but it still doesn't mean you clump them into a group of mean things. And now I hope you see things as not just either all mean or all nice, and to the people who still think it's gross to poop in a box, (cats) just remember you poop in a bowl.
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