Nov 08
essay challenge: Winter
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A Wonderful Winter

 I love winter. There is so much fun stuff you can do!!!!! I always like to go snowmobiling or skiing, or even skiing behind a snowmobile. Whether it is going outside and playing with your animals, doing a winter sport, or sitting inside sipping hot chocolate while watching a winter movie - not to mention that you can't have snow in the summer but you can swim in the winter in indoor pools. There is just so much stuff you can do in the wintertime. I personally love the winter because I love the cold. Our neighbor made a good point. You can always add more layers, but you can only take so many off. Not to mention that cold chill going down your spine as you walk outside. I also love walking on ice. One time, My brother and I went on an ice fishing trip with the scouts. One of the scout leaders brought a junky old sled to tow supplies so I got creative. I asked the scoutmaster if I could borrow a bin lid and he gave me one. The winds were around 50 miles per hour so you had to actually try to not get blown away. I went to the old sled and put the bin lid behind my back and stepped onto the sled.  A big gust of wind blew me forward and I went sledding on the ice. When I finally got back all the scouts wanted to try. So my friend Brandon and I took the snowmobiles to go get firewood from the shore. When we came back my brother was using his snowmobile to tow people back from wind sledding. After a little while, the snowmobile succumbed to bad spark plugs but it was still fun. After that, I got my snowmobiling license which meant that I could drive alone on the vast trails. That was one of the most exciting things that happened to me. That is why I love winter so much!!!!

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