Nov 09
fiction challenge: Winter
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The First Day of Snow is the Best

The season of snow forts, snowmen, and hot chocolate. The first snowfall of the season is so exciting. As I wake up and see a thick layer of white on the gourd snow. My brother is screaming that it is snowing. He comes into my room and begs me to come outside with him because my sister won’t.

 I say yes.

I quickly put on my snow pants and jacket. When I finally open the door I see what seems like interminable snow on the ground. I jump off my porch into the snow and my brother jumps right behind me. We make giant snow forts, towering snowmen, and we have world war 2 like snowball fights. Then finally my sister comes out to play in the snow. After an hour my mom will call us in to have some hot chocolate and breakfast. As we are drinking our hot chocolate a family friend invites us to go sledding at their sledding hill. Before we go, I have to shovel the driveway. It did not take long to see the concrete. I was done within 20 minutes.  We arrived at their house. They were already sledding so all I could do was just to join the fun. When we were done sledding we went home and watched Christmas movies. 

This is why the first day of snow is the best.

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